Peanut Thief

Last time I wrote on this blog, I spoke of the wildlife we were feeding. This time I am following up on my intention of getting a picture of one of these little creatures. In this picture, this squirrel seems to be very determindly taking the peanut, saying, “No one gets this one but me”.


My husband and son worked hard to clear up a space in the garage to set up for a workbench. They installed a light over where they wanted to place it, and my husband and I put together a Harbor Freight workbench he had bought. We had some trouble with the drawers. The two on the right went in perfectly, but the two on the left the bearings went out of the sliders when we tried to put the drawers in. We are going to measure the sliders and replace them, then it will be done.

Christmas Yarn

My daughter-in-law gave me some yarn she had spun to me for Christmas, and I’ve finished up a hat I had been making with it, except for the pom-pom. Turns out to be Seahawk colors, but not on purpose. I’m pretty happy with it, and have gotten many compliments. I used the Fair-Isle method in knitting. I have been able to hold the yarn one color in each hand to knit while working it. One hand using the Continental method, and one hand using the English method. I think the time I learned to use my hands independently to play the piano helped me be able to learn to do this.

Home spun yarn

New Project

This is a sweater started that I am making for my husband. I found the free pattern on Lovecrafts online. He had been looking for a pattern, and this was the one he liked. I purchased the yarn to go with it.

This is a sweater my husband said he would like.

Homemade Sourdough

We went to make a sourdough starter, and discovered it would take a few weeks to get it going well. So we also bought a sourdough starter, which has really gone well. The one in the bowl on the left is the bought starter, and the one on the right is our own we are working at getting going.

The one we are starting ourselves, on the right,is taken care of about every 12 hours by getting rid of half, putting in 1/4th cup flour, to 1/3 cup water. What we read is that it can take three weeks to get you own going. The one on the left has gone through three increases in water and flour since we got the starter. All is going well as it is growing and getting quite bubbley. We got the starter from Breadtopia. They have complete instructions online, and make it quite easy to do.

Birthday Blast

Our daughter-in-laws birthday was this month. She had a thing for pink doughnuts, so my husband made her cake to look like a pink doughnut. He is getting to be quite the baker.


These are recent purchases in books. We want more meals for our family day that everyone will want to eat, and since two are vegetarians I thought we could try some vegan meals. We now have a seven and a half quart slow cooker, so some more ideas would be good.

Are garden space is not that large too, so I am interested in getting into this book on small garden spaces.

The cast iron book is something I have been meaning to get to. We have some cast iron skillets, and a dutch oven, and I am hoping this book will help me get into it.


I found a recipe in my issue of Grit magazine for flaxseed bread, and my husband made it twice so far. It has been a big hit. Even one of my coworkers paid him for a loaf of this bread saying it is the best bread she has tasted. I think the molasses in it is what made her like it so much. I’m also plannin on making the Flax Granola. I’ll let you know how that goes.

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I have a certificate in horticulture, and am a master gardener with my county extension agency. I also spin yarn from fiber, knit, crochet, sew, and cross stitch, as well as cook, bake, and preserve foods using freezing, canning, and pickling methods.

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