Readying for Spring

On a clear day last month in February, we decided to thin out some dead, and too close trees and branches on one part of our property. Using our chipper shredder machine was more work than I was expecting. It is supposed to chip up to three inch trunks, but what we found was that it kept stalling the machine when it was that big, and fishing the branches down the shredder was more time consuming than expected, as you couldn’t put very much in without clogging it. We are planning on taking out all the trees in this area eventually, as we want to put in more parking, and the chicken house and run here. We will still have trees behind here, as the neighbors property is very close. All in all, it was a longer project than desired, because of the slow going with the shredder.

I found a lot of ivy and some holly to clean out of this area. Not sure why ivy was planted here. Ivy is not a good plant to have in a forest area, as it grows up the tree trunks, making the trees more susceptible to blowing over in the wind.

Thinning the trees.
The chipper shredder engine stalls with trunks this big.

To get ready for the vegetable garden, I had five yards of compost delivered. We began to spread it on the area, but I decided there wasn’t enough to put over the whole area, and would only put it on the rows. We got our silage tarp out, and laid it down to kill the grass, and didn’t finish spreading the compost yet, but covered it up too to prevent leaching.


I have chosen to begin study with the Yarn Council of America to become a knitting and crochet instructor. I’m hoping to teach people in the area to help provide fun, and potential income from selling items in a shop in town.

This is one of the five inch squares to make being blocked after knitting it. says that blocking knitting makes it look and fit better. It sets the stitches, and enhances the drape of the fabric.

The Rainbow Knit Blocker set was from Paradise Fibers. My husband gave me a gift certificate at Christmas time, and they were some of what I chose. They are located in Spokane, Washington, but I bought online. It was fast and easy. I don’t have an affiliation with them. I just enjoy their fiber, and accessory products, and thought I would give a plug for them.

Blocking the knitted square.


The first day of spring got me wanting some flowers, so we got our indoor greenhouse up, and I planted some seeds to start. Zinnia’s, Impatiens, Marigolds, China Aster’s, and Nasturtiums are the ones I have planted. Looks like only one of the China Aster seeds came up, and so far none of the Nasturtiums.

It turned out the soil was so dry it was water repellant, and I had to wait for a day after watering for it to soak up.

Flowers for Spring!
Starting seeds indoors.
Seed sprouting!

Growth in Scripture:

From 2nd Corinthians 9:10

Now He who supplies seed to the sower and bread for food will supply and multiply your seed for sowing and increase the harvest of your righteousness.”

May God richly bless you, and help you live a righteous life,


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I have a certificate in horticulture, and am a master gardener with my county extension agency. I also spin yarn from fiber, knit, crochet, sew, and cross stitch, as well as cook, bake, and preserve foods using freezing, canning, and pickling methods.

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