Hi, my name is Sharon. I live in the suburbs. I have a small space for a vegetable garden, and a flower garden. I hope to move soon to a much bigger place in a rural area, so that I can grow more and provide for my families needs, as well as create an income to be able to leave the rat race. Thus the homesteading aspect to this site.

I have found that I can do a lot in a small space, but I want to do much more. I have canned, frozen, and pickled vegetables.

I have a certificate in horticulture, and am a master gardener with my county’s extension agency.

I also spin fiber into yarn. I have been a member of a spinning guild since 2015 (secretary for two years), and have won many first and second place ribbons at a popular fair in our area.

Other intrests are knitting, crocheting, sewing, goats, chickens, and soap making.

I work a full time job in mental health, as well as a job one day a week as a nursing assistant.

My husband and I help each other in our interests, and without his partnership and encouragement, this wouldn’t be possible.

Join me in my adventures around the home, and future homestead, as a member of Grandma’s Garden.

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