Holidays on the Homestead

Thanksgiving and Christmas It has been pretty hectic here the last couple of months, and I have really enjoyed the holidays we have been through this first year in our new home. Christmas came quickly, and I am never totally prepared for it. Besides my immediate family members, I only sent out a few cardsContinue reading “Holidays on the Homestead”

Homestead Happenings

Some goings on from my last post: My husband and son put up an antennae for their ham radio. We have started preparing the garden for next spring. I’ve got several crafting projects going, and am starting to plan a yarn and needle arts guild. Halloween happened, and our granddaughter got a nice surprise fromContinue reading “Homestead Happenings”

Growing Surprise!

We planted an artichoke plant a couple of years ago, but it hadn’t grown any fruit. A professional gardener had told me it was an ornamental plant, so it was with complete surprise when I saw it had grown an artichoke on it! We cut it, and had it for dinner. I also saw someContinue reading “Growing Surprise!”

Garden, Microgreens, and Knitting

A lot has happened since my last post. You might remember that last summer we were in the process of moving to someplace where we could have a homestead, and provide more for ourselves to be less dependent on the grocery store. We ultimately decided to delay looking until such a time where we couldContinue reading “Garden, Microgreens, and Knitting”